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Sorting C# Enum.GetValue(…)

This one caused me a bit of frustration.  Enum.GetValue(…) returns a non-generic Array.  I tried all manner of ways to sort it (short of writing my own quicksort).  If I typed Enum.GetValue(…).OrderBy, there is no OrderBy. Advertisements

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The 32-bit version of Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor (MSVSMON.EXE) cannot be used to debug 64-bit processes …

I’ve gotten used to manually starting IISExpress instead of using [F5] in Visual Studio 2010 to start a debugging session. Whenever I need to do server-side debugging, I manually attach Visual Studio’s debugger to the IISExpress.exe process

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XAML Tags and .NET Types

One concept I had to get my brain wrapped around when learning WPF was the tight relationship XAML tags and .NET types had.  I’ve done a lot of desktop development in the past (GDI/GDI32, User32, WinForms …), but I’ve done … Continue reading

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