Sorting C# Enum.GetValue(…)

This one caused me a bit of frustration.  Enum.GetValue(…) returns a non-generic Array.  I tried all manner of ways to sort it (short of writing my own quicksort).  If I typed Enum.GetValue(…).OrderBy, there is no OrderBy.  I found one post online that suggested something like:

Array.Sort(Enum.GetValue(…), (p, q) => p.CompareTo(q))

but try as I might, I couldn’t get that work.  Array.Sort is expecting an IComparer for the second parameter and I kept getting the error “Cannot convert lambda expression to type ‘System.Collections.IComparer’ because it is not a delegate type“.

I finally figured it out:

Enum.GetValues(…).Cast<enum type>().OrderBy(e => e.ToString()).

.Cast<type>() will cast the types in the IEnumerable it’s called on to the specified type and results in an IEnumerable<type> (which you can call .OrderBy(…) on).

BTW, I don’t really sort the Enum values on their .ToString().  Each Enum entry gets assigned “Display Text” via an Attribute and that’s what they’re sorted on.  I’ll do another post on that.

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3 Responses to Sorting C# Enum.GetValue(…)

  1. I’m not seeing the Cast() method on the System.Array class…

  2. Yomodo says:

    Thanks, exactly what I need!

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