Lazy and Productive day…

If you ask the cats, it was a lazy day today.  Salem has finally accepted the two new annoyances… er, I mean kittens.  Smokey (in the middle) and Storm (on the right) are still shying away from human touch, but they’re starting to warm up to it.  Sasha, as usual, is no where to be seen (as she prefers it).

If you ask me, however, I’d say it’s been a fairly productive and enjoyable day.  I created an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) from nothing but basic logic gates, which I had created the past couple of days from nothing but Nand gates (using a hardware emulator), and I made a “cat door” opening in the side of my bathroom sink cabinet and moved the litter box under the sink (no more litter all over the bathroom floor when I get out of the shower!  YAY!)

The bathroom cabinet and wall are in pretty bad shape anyway and need to be completely replaced eventually, so no big deal cutting holes in it.  Plus it was fun and gave me an excuse to try out my new dremel/router!

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3 Responses to Lazy and Productive day…

  1. Angela says:

    Isn’t that the best cat tree ever!! My two are on it all the time.

  2. Heather says:

    Kitties… they are cuties

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